China auto market to focus on low-cost, not luxury
31st July 2014 by

The key to forecasting China’s auto demand since 2008 has been the level of bank lending, as t...

Europe unprepared for hard winter without Ukraine gas
30th July 2014 by

There is an alarming naivety about Western policymakers’ response to events in the Ukraine.  ...

Cotton prices suffer worst crash in 55 years
29th July 2014 by

Just as forecast in March, world cotton prices have crashed. Prices peaked at 97.35c/lb on 24 March...

Dow’s CEO says “pre-2008 economy was a bubble”
28th July 2014 by

Now its official.  Andrew Liveris, Dow CEO, told CNBC last week that the “pre-2008 economy wa...

India’s $10bn polymer opportunity in toilet provision
25th July 2014 by

There is never a shortage of growth opportunities.  But too often companies choose not to access...

US auto sales set to decline as today’s credit bubble ends
24th July 2014 by

Its really not difficult to forecast US auto sales and housing starts if you take a longer term vi...

Global auto markets depend on China for growth
23rd July 2014 by

Global auto markets have started to move in new directions.  That much is clear from comment by th...

Polyethylene, shadow banking and China’s ‘collateral trade’
22nd July 2014 by

The blog’s latest post for the Financial Times, published on the BeyondBrics blog is below. By Pa...

$20tn US, China stimulus and lending – but recovery elusive
21st July 2014 by

Despite all the positive headlines, the world’s two largest economies have failed to deliver...

An oil price fall would tip the world into deflation
18th July 2014 by

The blog found it hard to believe, when it started to research for Boom, Gloom and the New Normal, h...

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