India’s WTO veto marks end of global trade deals
15th August 2014 by

The Cycle of Deflation has taken another lurch forward.  The reason was India’s decision to v...

China’s waning stimulus spells trouble for the world’s biggest car market
14th August 2014 by

The blog’s latest post for the Financial Times, published on the BeyondBrics blog is below. By Pa...

European chloralkali output hit as growth slows, Ukraine volumes drop
13th August 2014 by

Chlorine and caustic soda are the bedrock of modern industry.  They are used in everything from lau...

Eliminating the impossible in China’s polyethylene market
12th August 2014 by

Very large amounts of copper, iron and other commodities are in long-term storage in China as par...

China’s housing market enters New Normal as prices slide
11th August 2014 by

Markets appear to be continuing to move, slowly but surely, into their expected ‘scary phase&...

Markets slip as fears grow Fed’s cheap money may end soon
8th August 2014 by

Western financial markets are getting nervous that the US Federal Reserve will cut off their supply...

China’s low-cost smartphones start to dominate global market
7th August 2014 by

China’s exports are growing again.  But not because SuperCycle levels of demand have returned...

GM focuses on low-cost autos, as European sales remain weak
6th August 2014 by

Low growth and low-cost have become the dominant features of Europe’s auto market. Europe̵...

China condom sales droop 1 million/day on anti-graft campaign
5th August 2014 by

Condom sales have dropped by 1 million/day in China according to The Economist magazine.  It highli...

Slide in Q2 operating rates is bad omen for H2 economic outlook
4th August 2014 by

The chemical industry is the best leading indicator for the global economy.  The slide in operat...

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