China’s $10bn trade deal fraud hits iron ore and copper markets
30th September 2014 by

Iron ore prices on China’s futures market were at 5-year lows yesterday.  Copper prices also...

Time to look forward, not back, for European petrochemicals
29th September 2014 by

The European petrochemicals industry is in crisis.  Operating rates dropped below 85% in H2 2008, a...

US Fed governor agrees it helped fund Alibaba bubble
26th September 2014 by

The last days of a bubble are always the most fun.  And Alibaba’s New York market debut las...

Ageing consumers from Chile to China need affordable, quality goods and services
25th September 2014 by

The New Old 55+ generation is the key demographic for future consumer spending.  Their numbers are ...

Chemical production continues to slow across most regions
24th September 2014 by

Chemical production is currently the best leading indicator for the wider economy, as financial ma...

Sinopec & China arrive in New Normal of low growth and profit
23rd September 2014 by

Sinopec is China’s largest chemical producer and its second largest refiner.  The blog’...

US ethylene outages boost European and Asian PE producers
22nd September 2014 by

Polymer traders must be already counting their end-of-year bonuses, as the value of the US$ rises w...

The real challenge is a lack of challenge
19th September 2014 by

We all remember the Hans Christian Andersen story about the Emperor with no clothes.  His subjec...

Russian downturn causes GM, Ford U-turn; EU slows despite discounts
18th September 2014 by

August is a holiday month for Europe’s statisticians.  So we had to wait until yesterday for...

Shiller warning suggests S&P 500 bubble coming to an end
17th September 2014 by

Nobel Prizewinner Prof Robert Shiller correctly forecast the dot-com collapse in 2000, and the 2008...

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