US PVC exports tumble as demand weakens in key markets
16th September 2014 by

The US PVC industry is hitting new problems, to add to the post-2006 collapse of the US housing ma...

Great Unwinding sees dollar rise, oil prices fall
15th September 2014 by

The day after our China Economic Transformation webinar last week, Premier Li Keqiang confirmed it...

Global stock markets still depend on low-cost money for support
12th September 2014 by

The blog’s 6-monthly review of global stock markets highlights the narrow nature of the advanc...

US reaches ‘peak car’ moment as incentives, inventories rise, whilst fewer Americans carry driving licenses
11th September 2014 by

The blog’s suggestion back in March that now would be a good time for US readers to buy a new ...

Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus creates interest rate risk
10th September 2014 by

Interest rate risk is rising in the developed economies as the Great Unwinding of policymaker stim...

US jobless dominated by Blacks, Hispanics and those without high school diplomas
9th September 2014 by

Financial markets today only care about one thing – whether central banks will continue to pr...

China Transformation webinar tomorrow
8th September 2014 by

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival day in China, held to celebrate the harvest.  Traditionally it feature...

Boom/Gloom Index tumbles as S&P 500 hits record
5th September 2014 by

The stock market used to be a good leading indicator for the economy.  But that was before the cent...

August highlights
4th September 2014 by

Many readers have been taking a well-earned break over the past few weeks.   As usual, therefore, ...

US dollar rises as investors worry low-cost money may disappear
3rd September 2014 by

Nobody knows how the Great Unwinding of central bank stimulus policies will develop.  The world has...

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