Great Unwinding sees prices tumble
20th October 2014 by

World markets have seen major falls since the Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus began 2 mo...

Oil prices have further to fall as Great Unwinding continues
17th October 2014 by

Oil prices are highly likely to fall further, not rebound, over the next few months.  That is the ...

OPEC faces New Normal dilemma as oil demand slows
16th October 2014 by

Yesterday’s post described how OPEC oil producers are seeing their export sales to the US st...

Saudi oil policy shaped by defence dependence on USA
15th October 2014 by

The world now faces a supply glut in almost every source of energy, including oil, gas and coal....

“You’d have to be crazy to think the stock market isn’t crazy”
14th October 2014 by

The headline above was the Wall Street Journal’s summary of last week’s market action....

Chemical markets highlight economic downturn now underway
13th October 2014 by

The chemical industry remains the best leading indicator for the global economy.  The only problem ...

IMF says economic growth may never return to pre-crisis levels
10th October 2014 by

The Great Unwinding of policymakers’ failed stimulus programmes is now clearly underway in the...

Indian Oil join campaign to build toilets in India
9th October 2014 by

The blog is delighted to be able to congratulate Indian Oil (IOC) on becoming the first company to ...

Subprime loans drive US auto sales growth
8th October 2014 by

Major problems are developing in the US auto market.   The critical issue is that companies have b...

Turkish plastics markets see imports fall for first time since 2008
7th October 2014 by

Turkey is the blog’s “go-to” market when it wants to confirm trends in global mark...

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