Rising life expectancy enabled Industrial Revolution to occur
27th February 2015 by

Living standards have risen 20-fold over the past 200 years.  Yet they rose just 3-fold over the pr...

Saudi lets ‘market decide’ on oil prices to maximise local jobs
26th February 2015 by

I was kindly invited last week to give a keynote address at the annual ME-TECH conference in Dubai....

US housing markets weaken as home ownership levels fade
25th February 2015 by

Data over the past month continues to confirm my fears that the US housing recovery is going into re...

10 day Superbowl oil rally ends with storage tanks close to full
24th February 2015 by

The 10-day wonder of the SuperBowl oil rally has ended.  Instead, we are returning to the world of...

Deflation takes hold in Europe as policymakers remain in Denial
23rd February 2015 by

One by one, the Western economies are falling into deflation.  The Eurozone began the process, with...

Global shipping index hits all-time low
20th February 2015 by

The world’s major shipping index, the Baltic Dry (BDI), has collapsed by 2/3rds since November...

BRIJ auto sales head in different directions
19th February 2015 by

There has been a lot of wishful thinking over the past 15 years about the BRIC countries (Brazil, ...

Discounts support EU auto sales as Paris plans diesel car ban
18th February 2015 by

A mild winter, combined with 20% price discounts, has kept EU auto sales in growth mode.  Latest da...

PVC export boom to Turkey supports EU chloralkali demand
17th February 2015 by

European chloralkali producers ended up having a relatively good year in 2014, despite having been ...

Markets pause for breath as oil traders enjoy upstream volatility
16th February 2015 by

There are some signs of a recovery in some markets, but the overall picture is still very quiet for ...

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