Executives struggle to keep up as volatility rises with Great Unwinding
31st March 2015 by

It is looking more and more likely that the global economy hit a peak in Q2 last year, and has since...

Hedge funds moving away from ‘buy on the dips’ strategy
30th March 2015 by

In recent years, financial markets have believed that “everything is for the best in this bes...

Economic impact of ageing populations is obvious, but ignored
27th March 2015 by

Too many policymakers, companies and investors are continuing to ignore the dramatic changes taking...

China’s PE imports tumble as market slows, local output rises
26th March 2015 by

The above chart is a major wake-up call for anyone who still believes that China will continue to im...

Sinopec confirms move into China’s New Normal economy
25th March 2015 by

Sinopec, China’s largest chemical company, has just published its operating results for 2014....

China’s new policies cause West to scramble to catch up
24th March 2015 by

Major change is underway in China under President Xi Jinping.  And this is not ‘sound-bit...

US watchdog warns on today’s “quicksilver markets”
23rd March 2015 by

What could go wrong in today’s financial world?  Many stock markets in the West are hitting...

World’s demographic dividend turns to deficit as populations age
20th March 2015 by

We are living in a world of ageing populations for the first time in history.  For many, this conj...

US$ breaks out of 30-year downtrend
19th March 2015 by

Attention has rightly been focused on the collapse of oil prices over the past 6 months.  These ha...

Americans drive less as demand patterns see major change
18th March 2015 by

Americans are driving less each year.  For the first time since records began in 1970, average veh...

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