US GDP disappoints again as aging Boomers slow the economy
30th April 2015 by

“Year after year we have had to explain from mid-year on why the global growth rate has been lower...

Most oil producing countries have operating costs below $20/bbl
29th April 2015 by

“I don’t take the view that they (OPEC) are in any way trying to threaten other suppliers. I thi...

China lending curbs will hit global property bubbles
28th April 2015 by

China’s interest bill this year is around $1.7tn, according to ratings agency Fitch.  And no,...

Global chemical slowdown highlights China impact
27th April 2015 by

The global chemical downturn has now been underway for nearly a year.  And latest data on regional ...

Swiss pensions bankrupt by 2025: US Social Security by 2030
24th April 2015 by

Nobody would imagine that the SFr 800bn ($840bn) Swiss pension scheme could go bankrupt.  But Swis...

Propylene strength a major support for European petchems
23rd April 2015 by

Vast over-expansion is underway in the global petrochemicals industry, as companies rush to build ne...

Q1 auto sales rise just 1.9% in world’s ‘Top 7’ markets
22nd April 2015 by

Its hard to be optimistic about the outlook for the global auto market.  The chart above of the Top...

China Q1 electricity consumption up only 1% as economy slows
21st April 2015 by

More and more evidence is emerging of the major slowdown now underway in China’s economy. Chin...

OPEC hit as ‘peak oil demand’ arrives and US imports fall
20th April 2015 by

Oil market traders have been having fun in recent weeks, as they have managed to create guaranteed p...

Germany could face €86bn bill from a Greek default
17th April 2015 by

Who would pay the bill, if Greece defaulted on its current €320bn debt ($340bn)? This is no longe...

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