Chemicals and the Economy

Paul Hodges

BRIJ auto markets continue to struggle
16th April 2015 by

Q1 showed little sign of improvement in the world’s second-tier auto markets – Brazil, R...

Lower oil prices support European cracker operating rates
15th April 2015 by

Who would have believed, a few years ago, that European cracker operators would see an operating rat...

China’s used car market set to drive future auto sales growth
14th April 2015 by

China’s auto market is going through major change.  Tier 1 cities have imposed limits on car...

Market volatility jumps as Great Unwinding continues
13th April 2015 by

As I have feared, major volatility is developing in financial and chemical markets, as the Great Unw...

Europe’s QE programme fails to support US markets
10th April 2015 by

Its been a fine run for the Boom/Gloom Index of financial market sentiment.  Every time it has weak...

IMF says world seeing “a New Reality of lower potential growth”
9th April 2015 by

After 6 years of largely-wasted stimulus efforts, the world’s economic advisory bodies are fin...

China GDP may fall to 1.7% in Q4, warns Bank of England
8th April 2015 by

It seems that China is preparing for a difficult 18 months.  President Xi and Premier Li have to im...

US jobs growth stalls as shale gas bubble ends
7th April 2015 by

Apparently Friday’s US jobs numbers disappointed the experts.  The consensus forecast was tha...

Volatility rises as central bank policies prove wishful thinking
6th April 2015 by

Q1 was very difficult for many companies and investors.  They had wanted to believe since 2009 ...

A toxic combination for economic policy
3rd April 2015 by

UK economic policy is now coming under discussion, as May’s Gemeral Election approaches.  Th...

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