45-year baby drought stalls Western economic growth
29th May 2015 by

200 years ago, most blog readers would have been dead at their current age.  Life expectancy in the...

US producers face uphill battle to increase PE sales in China
28th May 2015 by

China is the world’s largest polyethylene market.  One-third of the way through the year, it  is...

Brazilian, Russian, Japanese auto markets continue to struggle
27th May 2015 by

Bill White’s important critique of the policies being followed by his former central bank coll...

India’s auto market remains dominated by motorbikes
26th May 2015 by

4 years ago, India could do no wrong.  The ‘Incredible India’ campaign had captured ima...

Policymakers’ out-of-date economic models fail to create growth, again
25th May 2015 by

Since 2010, May/June has seen the US Federal Reserve start to realise it would have to revise its op...

Price war hits smartphone market as China’s growth goes negative
22nd May 2015 by

The smartphone market has been one of the ‘jewels in the crown” of the consumer electron...

Speculators’ oil inventories at record 5 days of world demand
21st May 2015 by

Every oil trader has known the feeling.  You’ve done your sums, talked to everyone, and decid...

45-year shortage of babies hits Europe’s chlorine/PVC demand
20th May 2015 by

Companies and investors often say “we don’t need to think about demographics – its...

China’s economy continues to slow as lending curbs bite
19th May 2015 by

Everyone seems sure that China’s government is about to undertake major new stimulus.  Thus R...

Stimulus proves no solution for today’s economic slowdown
18th May 2015 by

“Central banks have to be mindful that too long a period of very low interest rates can have u...

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