Low interest rates mean US Boomers face difficult retirement
15th May 2015 by

There are 46m people aged over 65 in the USA today, and there will be 56m by 2020, according to rece...

Chemical companies highlight increased uncertainty and volatility in Q1 results
14th May 2015 by

Volatility creates uncertainty.  And uncertainty can easily lead to paralysis, if a company hasn...

US jobs growth fails to keep pace with population growth
13th May 2015 by

The US population reached 320m this year, an 11.35m increase versus 2010, according to the US Census...

PE exporters face problems as China slows, global capacity expands
12th May 2015 by

China no longer wants to be the ‘manufacturing capital of the world’.  Its ‘New N...

US interest rates likely to move higher sooner, not later
11th May 2015 by

The Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus began last August with the collapse of oil prices and t...

US economy’s demographic dividend is fast turning into a deficit
8th May 2015 by

My new post for the Financial Times FT Data blog discusses how the ageing of the US population is cr...

US Marcellus gas output trebles as drilling rig count halves
7th May 2015 by

Simple stories aren’t always true.  That’s certainly the case with the fiction that the...

Polypropylene highlights impact of China’s new economic direction
6th May 2015 by

Polypropylene (PP) is one of the world’s major plastics – used in areas as diverse as ca...

US auto sales close to running on empty
5th May 2015 by

We’ve all had that moment of jumping into the car, and turning on the ignition, only to realis...

“Sell in May and go away?” as US/German bond yields jump
4th May 2015 by

A strange thing happened to German 10-year interest rates last week – they rose quite sharply,...

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