Algorithms drive oil prices up 6%, yet fundamentals remain weak
30th October 2015 by

It only took 2 days for a shocking example to confirm my concern on Monday about the volatility bein...

China’s auto slowdown to push spare capacity into export markets
28th October 2015 by

Where would the world’s auto industry, and its suppliers, have been without China in recent years?...

Budgeting for the Great Unwinding of policymaker stimulus
25th October 2015 by

There have been 35 “flash crashes” in US oil markets so far this year, when prices swung...

1bn people joining New Old 55+ mean pension promises turn sour
23rd October 2015 by

How long is it before you expect to receive a pension?  How much do you hope it is going to be?  T...

Oil price rally disappears along with hopes of more stimulus
21st October 2015 by

Many people in financial markets were hoping a new QE4 stimulus programme would be announced at the...

Deflation returns to the major economies as stimulus fails, again
19th October 2015 by

Next week, I will publish my annual Budget Outlook, covering the 2016-2018 period.    The aim, a...

Cash poor, time rich US consumers cause retail sales to plateau
16th October 2015 by

US retail sales have failed to see the rise that most economists, and the US Federal Reserve, confid...

The “China Chill” slows global economy and petrochemicals
14th October 2015 by

There were record numbers at last week’s European Petrochemical Association annual meeting in ...

5 Critical Questions every Company and Investor Need to Answer
12th October 2015 by

Today’s uncertain economic and oil price  environment has created chaos in petrochemical feedstoc...

China focuses on mobile internet for domestic growth
9th October 2015 by

China’s President Xi went to Seattle at the start of his recent US visit, to meet the leading ...

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