US 10-year interest rates jump 23% as Fed debates 0.25% hike
30th November 2015 by

Media hype over the potential for a 0.25% interest rate rise by the US Federal Reserve is well under...

Analyst hype over India’s ‘middle class’ repeats China mistake
27th November 2015 by

Wishful thinking can have a very bad impact on company and investor profits. Look, for example, at t...

China’s downturn means global car sales now set to plateau
25th November 2015 by

Where would the global auto industry and its suppliers be without China? That’s a question to ...

Group think on oil prices puts company profits at risk
23rd November 2015 by

Shell Chemicals General Manager, Kate Johnson, asked a great question at our Conference last week, t...

UK’s ageing population causes earnings to decline
20th November 2015 by

The UK economy appears to be recovering well from the financial crisis.  But appearances can be dec...

Japan goes back into recession as stimulus policies fail, again
18th November 2015 by

This week’s economic data from Japan confirmed, once again, that demographic changes are far m...

China’s total lending declines as shadow sector squeezed
16th November 2015 by

Go, go, go, said the bird: human kind Cannot bear very much reality. Time past and time future What ...

What If 3D Printing Was 100x Faster? | TED Talks
13th November 2015 by

Major change is underway in manufacturing and supply chains.  China’s slowdown has exposed th...

Oil price forecasts based on myths, not proper analysis
11th November 2015 by

Did your company or investment manager use $50/bbl as a forecast Scenario price for oil this year? ...

World Aromatics Conference focuses on key industry challenges
10th November 2015 by

Maintaining a competitive edge in a low cost feedstock scenario is the theme of next week’s W...

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