Renault’s success with Dacia highlights changes underway in European auto markets
29th January 2016 by

You never meet a shy and retiring car salesman.  They are always bursting with confidence, about to...

Global GDP sees record fall in 2015 as world hits “demographic cliff”
27th January 2016 by

Central bankers remain in Denial about the failure of their stimulus policies.  Yet new IMF data f...

“World faces wave of epic debt defaults” – central bank veteran
25th January 2016 by

Only one central banker spotted the subprime crisis before it occurred – William White.  Now ...

Further chaos ahead for cotton and polyester markets as China aims to release its cotton stocks
22nd January 2016 by

Cotton has been on a roller-coaster ride over the past decade – to record high prices and then...

Global car sales growth stalls without China
20th January 2016 by

Where would the global auto industry be without the Chinese market?  Without China, sales in the ot...

Prepare for $10-$15/bbl oil as Iran, US return to the market
18th January 2016 by

Oil markets finally entered their “give-up phase” last week.  Amazingly, it is now near...

Force majeures at record level, despite high profits
15th January 2016 by

All accidents are preventable.  This simple fact, which used to be top-of-mind for every chemical i...

Oil hits $30/bbl – and suddenly, analysts forecast lower prices
13th January 2016 by

Yesterday, oil prices reached my long-held $30/bbl forecast level.  And suddenly, it seems, all the...

Expect $25 – $30/bbl oil and lower chemical prices in 2016
11th January 2016 by

More than $2.3tn was wiped off the value of global stocks last week as China’s slowing economy and...

Financial markets feel impact of the Great Unwinding
8th January 2016 by

Its not been a great start to the year for those who have trusted in conventional wisdom: Western st...

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