“Debt-financed growth model has reached its limits”, admits German finance minister
29th February 2016 by

Central bank policy-making is becoming more and more dysfunctional, as German Finance Minister Wolfg...

Brexit poll creates UK, euro interest rate rise risk
26th February 2016 by

Financial markets are very bad at evaluating political risk.  They assume people will always be rat...

China power demand surge ends as Old Normal economy slows
24th February 2016 by

The decline in China’s electricity consumption growth highlights the remarkable slowdown under...

Oil prices remain at pre-2005 levels as inventories rise
22nd February 2016 by

Its mid-winter in Russia, and the snow is deep in some parts of Moscow.  Meanwhile in Venezuela the...

If only the central banks could print babies
19th February 2016 by

The Financial Times has kindly printed my letter below, arguing that central bank stimulus can’...

Auto sales slump in Japan, Brazil and Russia as China slows
17th February 2016 by

China’s slowdown is continuing to reverberate around the world.  One way of measuring this is...

Tokyo, Shanghai stock markets fall; yen rises 8% in 2 weeks
15th February 2016 by

Pity poor Janet Yellen, you might say.  The head of the US Federal Reserve told the Senate last wee...

Smartphones head for price war as China sales fall 4% in Q4
12th February 2016 by

We all now carry around a mini-computer in our pockets – one with more power than those which ...

IEA says market “awash with oil” – debunks bullish myths
10th February 2016 by

Oil markets are the proverbial “canary in the coalmine”.  They are showing us what happ...

The World’s Economy Soared Last Year (or Plunged)
8th February 2016 by

  ECONOMIC TRENDS    Danny Hakim @dannyhakim FEB. 8, 2016 “LONDON — Did global outp...

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