Hope is not a strategy
30th September 2016 by

Chemical companies face difficult times if they cling to the hope that current challenges will simpl...

US homeownership equals all-time low as demand patterns change
28th September 2016 by

It is is 10 years since the US subprime bubble began to burst, with disastrous results for the US an...

World Aromatics Conference focuses on key industry challenges
27th September 2016 by

The 15th World Aromatics & Derivatives Conference take place in Vienna on 22 – 23 Novembe...

Central bankers create debt, not growth, by ignoring demographic reality
26th September 2016 by

The world’s 4 main central bankers love being in the media spotlight.  After decades climbing...

Divorce, not marriage, now fueling China’s property bubble in Shenzhen
23rd September 2016 by

China’s housing market has always been about marriage since it began in 1998, until recently t...

EU auto sales boosted by self-registration of unsold cars
21st September 2016 by

The global auto market is currently dominated by China, where sales have more than trebled over the ...

US 10-Year interest rates suggest Great Reckoning may be near
19th September 2016 by

 “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes“, Mark Twain Bob Farrell of ...

G7 birth decline confirms central banks can’t print babies
16th September 2016 by

2015 data is now available for births in the G7 countries, responsible for almost 50% of global GDP....

Auto sales confirm critical flaws in the BRIC concept
14th September 2016 by

, It is 15 years since Goldman Sachs coined the word BRIC to highlight their argument that growth in...

6 impossible things not to believe about oil before breakfast
12th September 2016 by

 “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Oil...

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