Budgeting for the Great Reckoning
31st October 2016 by

One thing is certain about the 2017 – 2019 Budget period.  “Business as usual” is...

Fed’s economic models applied to a past era
29th October 2016 by

The Financial Times has kindly printed my letter below, welcoming the Fed’s decision to addres...

President Xi takes “core” leader role as China heads for political turbulence
28th October 2016 by

Outside observers often imagine that China’s political structure is uniquely disciplined ̵...

ExxonMobil, Saudi Arabia, differ on oil outlook – or do they?
26th October 2016 by

If asked about the outlook for prices, oil company CEOs normally duck the question.  And they certa...

Fault-lines open connecting the debt-fuelled ‘Ring of Fire’
24th October 2016 by

Next week, I will publish my annual Budget Outlook, covering the 2017-2019 period. The aim, as alway...

Sustainability replaces globalisation as key driver for economy
21st October 2016 by

2 weeks ago, India ratified the COP 21 Agreement.  This means the Agreement enters into force on...

Markets question central bank power as Great Reckoning nears
19th October 2016 by

TIME magazine covers often capture the mood of a moment.  And that was certainly true in February 1...

Markets doubt Carney’s claim to have saved 500k UK jobs
17th October 2016 by

Last week as the BBC reported, Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, explained to an audience in ...

San Francisco Fed agrees ageing Boomers impact economy
14th October 2016 by

Finally, one of the major Western central banks has agreed that the ageing of the BabyBoomers does i...

Oil markets enter the “post-fact economy”, where details of supply/demand no longer seem to matter
12th October 2016 by

Once upon a time, oil markets were based on facts.  Producers and consumers focused on trying to un...

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