No conspiracy on raw materials pricing – the business model has changed
30th December 2016 by

The Financial Times kindly prints my letter this morning on pricing policies for polyethylene. Sir, ...

The blog in 2016
30th December 2016 by

2016 saw the Great Reckoning for the failure of stimulus policies begin to impact companies and mark...

Today’s New Normal world – the challenge of the 100-year life
28th December 2016 by

2016 saw the start of the Great Reckoning for the failure of stimulus policies. Political and social...

Chart of the Year: US$, 10-year US interest rates begin to rise
21st December 2016 by

Last year it was the oil price fall.  This year, there is no doubt that the US dollar has taken cen...

2016’s Word of the Year: “Impossible”
19th December 2016 by

Nobody likes change, particularly on the scale that is taking place all around us today.  Understan...

India’s currency reforms hitting ordinary people, the economy and auto/oil demand
16th December 2016 by

It is now just over a month since India introduced the biggest currency reform the world has ever se...

OPEC move supports US oil production rise, and smart meters
14th December 2016 by

OPEC is living in the past with its recent announcement of new quotas. The simple fact is that the a...

London house prices start their collapse
12th December 2016 by

London’s house market has been slowing for some time, as I noted last year.  The issue is aff...

Midway Atoll becomes “plastic island” due to our throwaway society
9th December 2016 by

Plastics have made an enormous contribution to improving our quality of life over the past 75 years....

Futures markets, US shale, the big winners from OPEC meeting
7th December 2016 by

There were only two winners from the past 3 months of OPEC’s “Will they?, Won’t th...

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