Ageing boomers are no longer spending
27th April 2017 by

The Financial Times has kindly printed my letter below, suggesting that President Trump’s focu...

Oil market rebalancing myth looks close to its sell-by date
24th April 2017 by

The myth of oil market rebalancing has been a great money-maker for financial markets.  Hedge funds...

Half of India’s youth prioritise religion over science, and believe women should always listen to their husbands
20th April 2017 by

Mention India to many CEOs and investors, and they will smile broadly at the thought of its “d...

China’s lending bubble sees Beijing home prices jump 63%
17th April 2017 by

Greed and fear are the primary emotions driving China’s housing and auto markets today, as Chi...

Trump, Xi have 100 days to avert US-China trade war
12th April 2017 by

Last week’s summit meeting between US President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Ji...

US GDP growth stalls with participation rates near all-time low
10th April 2017 by

US GDP growth is slowing, again, as the chart of the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s “GDP Now&...

UK consumers face difficult times as Brexit unwinds the housing bubble, and financial services de-cluster out of London
6th April 2017 by

Brexit negotiations are likely to prove a very uncomfortable ride for UK consumers as Russell Napier...

Brexit letter means end of “business as usual” for the UK
3rd April 2017 by

The UK economy set off into the Great Unknown on Wednesday, when premier Theresa May officially noti...