G7 Summit shows leaders are forgetting the lesson of the 1930s
29th May 2017 by

G7 Summits began in the crisis years of the mid-1970s, bringing Western leaders together to tackle t...

Top 3 Chinese smartphone brands capture global lead
25th May 2017 by

China’s Top 3 manufacturers – Huawei, OPPO and Vivo – captured top position in glo...

UK risks “crashing out” of EU after election without trade deal
22nd May 2017 by

Yesterday, senior EU negotiators warned that “the chances of Britain crashing out of the EU wi...

Oil prices under pressure as US oil/product exports ramp up
18th May 2017 by

On Monday, I discussed how OPEC abandoned Saudi Oil Minister Naimi’s market share strategy dur...

US Permian’s shale oil surge highlights OPEC’s failed strategy
15th May 2017 by

OPEC and Russia made a massive mistake last November when when they decided to try and establish a $...

China’s increase in chemicals self-sufficiency will hit US shale gas expansions
11th May 2017 by

Some years ago, when China was well on the way to becoming the world’s largest importer of che...

London house prices face perfect storm as Brexit risks rise
8th May 2017 by

The UK goes to the polls on 8 June in a surprise General Election.  And premier Theresa May has cle...

European petrochemical output still below 2004 – 2007 levels
4th May 2017 by

The financial crisis began a decade ago, yet production of the key “building block products...

Debt, demographics set to destroy Trump’s GDP growth dream
1st May 2017 by

Unsurprisingly, Friday’s US GDP report showed Q1 growth was just 0.7%, as the New York Times r...