Hurricane Harvey will turbocharge move to the circular economy
25th September 2017 by

300,000 homes and half a million cars have been destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.  And in terms of bus...

Baby boomers’ spending decline has hit demand and inflation
21st September 2017 by

The Financial Times has kindly printed my letter below, wondering why the US Federal Reserve still ...

President Xi focuses on pollution, not growth, as key Party Congress nears
18th September 2017 by

Imagine living in the capital city of a major country, and suffering the level of pollution shown in...

Oil market supply/demand finally begins to matter again as commodity funds withdraw
11th September 2017 by

Its been a long time since oil market supply/demand was based on physical barrels rather than financ...

World Aromatics Conference focuses on key industry challenges
6th September 2017 by

Our 16th World Aromatics and Derivatives conference will take place on 8-9 November. Co-organised w...

Hurricane Harvey: lack of insurance will hit Houston’s recovery
4th September 2017 by

“By Monday, the third straight day of flooding, the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey had left muc...