Airbus warns of “dawning reality” there may be no Brexit deal
24th June 2018 by

Suddenly, businesses across Europe are waking up to the realisation that the UK is currently on cour...

Plastics recycling paradigm shift will create Winners and Losers
17th June 2018 by

My new analysis for iCIS Chemical Business highlights the paradigm shift now underway in the plasti...

2018 Global Outlook – a mid-year update: ACS webinar on Thursday
12th June 2018 by

There will be no shortage of important topics to discuss on Thursday, at my regular Chemistry and t...

Time to recognise the economic impact of ageing populations
10th June 2018 by

Is global economic growth really controlled by monetary policy and interest rates?  Can you create ...

Financial markets party as global trade wars begin
3rd June 2018 by

More people left poverty in the past 70 years than in the whole of history, thanks to the BabyBoomer...


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