Goodbye to “business as usual” model for plastics
18th March 2018 by

Polymer markets face two major challenges in coming months. The most immediate is the arrival of t...

West’s household spending heads for decline as population ages and trade war looms
11th March 2018 by

As promised last week, today’s post looks at the impact of the ageing of the BabyBoomers on t...

Global smartphone sales slide 9% in Q4, as China tumbles 16%
26th February 2018 by

Global smartphone sales have seen major growth until recently as consumers fell in love with going m...

Older workers are looking for something more
22nd February 2018 by

The Financial Times has kindly printed my letter arguing that we need new policies to help people a...

London house prices risk perfect storm as interest rates rise
5th February 2018 by

2000 should have been the natural end of the BabyBoomer-led economic SuperCycle. The oldest Boomer ...

China’s used cars put a dent in global industry
7th August 2017 by

China is now developing a used car market for the first time in its history.  This means the end of...

Top 3 Chinese smartphone brands capture global lead
25th May 2017 by

China’s Top 3 manufacturers – Huawei, OPPO and Vivo – captured top position in glo...

China’s lending bubble sees Beijing home prices jump 63%
17th April 2017 by

Greed and fear are the primary emotions driving China’s housing and auto markets today, as Chi...

UK consumers face difficult times as Brexit unwinds the housing bubble, and financial services de-cluster out of London
6th April 2017 by

Brexit negotiations are likely to prove a very uncomfortable ride for UK consumers as Russell Napier...

America hits “peak gasoline” moment as demand patterns change
2nd March 2017 by

OPEC has a long wait ahead, if it hopes that US drivers will ever go back to SuperCycle levels of dr...

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