Chemicals and the Economy


Politics, beliefs return to dominate economics
13th October 2011 by

The 10000 readers who downloaded the blog’s first Budget White Paper in December 2009, ‘...

Critical Success Factors in the New Normal
6th October 2011 by

Yesterday’s Scenarios hopefully provided valuable insight into the challenges ahead for compan...

Scenarios for the transition to the New Normal
5th October 2011 by

The transition to the new Normal is likely to be painful and long-lasting. Future demand growth will...

A 4-point Action Plan for chemical companies
4th October 2011 by

Today’s economic situation is getting worse, not better. The blog believes this is because mos...

Time for leadership at EPCA
26th September 2011 by

The chemical industry has a turnover of $3.4trn, and is the world’s 3rd largest industry. It m...

August highlights
1st September 2011 by

Many readers have been taking a well-earned break over the past few weeks. The blog also continues t...

Investment banks reportedly dominated oil trading in US futures markets as prices spiked in June 2008
25th August 2011 by

The investment banks have maintained a consistent focus on oil market supply disruptions and demand ...

Investors rush to save with the JUUGS
23rd August 2011 by

Most of us have now heard of the PIIGS countries (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain). They are...

Downturn continues as financial markets sink
22nd August 2011 by

ICIS pricing is a very valuable resource, particularly at market turning points. It highlighted the ...

Policymakers remain in the Denial phase
20th August 2011 by

A year ago, the blog feared we were “still towards the beginning of the crisis”, not at ...

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