NINJA turtles ride again
2nd August 2007 by

The head of Germany’s financial regulator is warning that US subprime mortgage problems may be abo...

Turning base quality loans into gold
31st July 2007 by

Alchemists once claimed the ability to turn base metal into gold. More recently, some bankers seem t...

Greed and Fear
25th July 2007 by

Bill Gross runs PIMCO, the world’s largest government bond managers with assets of nearly $700bn. ...

A tale of two outlooks
20th July 2007 by

If you read the financial pages of your newspaper, everything sounds rosy. But if you turn to the ne...

Stress-testing the global financial system
12th July 2007 by

Yesterday’s “swings in financial derivative prices were so extreme that they implied scenari...

Chemical company valuations
9th July 2007 by

The prices paid for Petkim and for Lustran reflect two very different perspectives on the current ma...

ICI and Akzo
6th July 2007 by

ICI has experience of fighting off unwelcome acquisitions. And Akzo may find itself in a difficult p...

4 risks to the world economy
3rd July 2007 by

The latest report from the ‘central bankers’ bank’ provides an excellent analysis ...

Hedge fund woes and the chemical industry
3rd July 2007 by

The US Senate thinks the Amaranth hedge fund increased the costs of natural gas futures contracts la...

The 10th anniversary of the Asian financial crisis
22nd June 2007 by

2 July 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of the Asian financial crisis, which began with the devaluati...

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