“This is far worse than the banking crisis of 2008”
9th November 2011 by

Long-standing readers will remember that then-UK Finance Minister Alastair Darling was the first Wes...

The Downturn arrives
7th November 2011 by

It is 5 months since the blog launched its IeC Downturn Alert, using prices from 29 April. It wrote ...

Bayer, Shell and Styrolution to speak in Amsterdam
3rd November 2011 by

Our 10th European Aromatics and derivatives conference will take place on 22-23 November. Co-organis...

Political, Social concerns drive non-Western companies
2nd November 2011 by

Last week’s New Normal seminar in Houston continued the success of the Singapore and Frankfurt...

EU’s plan to borrow from the poor boosts S&P 500
31st October 2011 by

The brave new world of modern finance continues to amaze the blog. It still has problems with the id...

US financial markets defy gravity
24th October 2011 by

Blog readers can choose their favourite leading indicator this week. In financial markets, the US S&...

Lower earnings, pensions, hit US consumers
18th October 2011 by

Wall Street analysts have their bonuses to consider at this time of year. So it is no surprise that ...

2012 Budgets
15th October 2011 by

The blog will publish its fifth annual Budget Outlook next weekend. As usual, it is therefore time t...

Groundhog Day again as Quarter 4 starts
10th October 2011 by

The great film comedy Groundhog Day saw Bill Murray doomed to repeat the same day in his life, until...

Critical Success Factors in the New Normal
6th October 2011 by

Yesterday’s Scenarios hopefully provided valuable insight into the challenges ahead for compan...

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