A simple guide to the credit crisis
19th March 2008 by

The New York Times has an excellent feature today that aims to explain how ‘US sub-prime mortgages...

US$ falls below ¥100, crude goes above $110/bbl
13th March 2008 by

The US$ had now fallen through the ¥102 level, which has held since 1995, and went straight to the ...

“The good times are behind us”
9th March 2008 by

Central bankers are slowly recognising that inflation is becoming a serious problem. But their respo...

OPEC holds production as oil prices rise
5th March 2008 by

OPEC today decided to hold oil production at current levels, even though prices are at a level which...

Buffett says US is in recession
4th March 2008 by

‘If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then its a duck’. This simple logic probably b...

Wheat prices add to CFO concerns
26th February 2008 by

Wheat prices rose 25% yesterday, the biggest one-day rise ever, as Kazakhstan imposed restrictions o...

60 is the new 40 for BP
7th February 2008 by

Very few non-OPEC oil projects have been financed in recent years, although market prices have risen...

Selling the rallies
21st January 2008 by

Stock markets are usually good indicators of future economic conditions. Their savage downturn since...

2008 crude outlook
18th January 2008 by

I had the opportunity last night to learn current thinking within the oil industry on the current ou...

Forecasting crude oil prices
18th January 2008 by

I have often wondered how the major investment banks arrive at their forecasts for long-term crude p...

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