Financial players increase their bets on crude
14th January 2008 by

Financial investors are already quite disruptive in crude oil markets. And their influence is set to...

China freezes energy costs, bans plastic bags
10th January 2008 by

Reaction to $100 oil has been swift. Yesterday, the Chinese State Council decided to freeze the pric...

$100 crude – US manufacturing close to recession
2nd January 2008 by

Oil prices touched $100/bbl today, a new record in nominal and inflation-adjusted terms. At the same...

The yuan also rises
20th December 2007 by

Bloomberg reports today that China’s yuan has now risen 12% against the US$, since the dollar peg ...

OPEC targets stocks, not prices
7th December 2007 by

There is some interesting material on the OPEC website, following this week’s Summit, which cl...

The US$ just keeps on falling
23rd November 2007 by

A recent Financial Times article commented on the 93% correlation this year between changes in the ...

5 risks to 2008 budgets
21st November 2007 by

The consensus viewpoint is an easy way of keeping up to speed on a variety of issues outside one’s...

China worries over US$ fall
20th November 2007 by

Wen Jiabao, the Chinese premier, spent his trip to Singapore yesterday expressing concern over the f...

Uncertainty rules
16th November 2007 by

Our annual European conference, organised with ICIS, always provides an excellent opportunity to gai...

TOTAL’s new CEO warns on oil supplies
7th November 2007 by

Christophe de Margerie, the new TOTAL CEO, has burst the bubble of complacency that has surrounded d...

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