Supermodels prefer euros
6th November 2007 by

Gisele Bundchen, the world’s richest supermodel, has joined the list of those who refuse to be pai...

4 risks from the credit crisis
26th October 2007 by

The Bank of England correctly predicted in April this year that the risks associated with US subprim...

Pricing for profit
12th October 2007 by

The price of a product is a key factor in determining the profitability of producing and using it. A...

Goldman sees $95/bbl oil
20th September 2007 by

Well, now we know. Interviewed by the Financial Times on Monday, Alan Greenspan rejected the widely-...

OPEC seeks lower oil prices
12th September 2007 by

OPEC are sounding a note of concern about the impact of high oil prices on the world economy. Hasan ...

OPEC and the IEA
31st August 2007 by

The war of words between OPEC (the oil producers’ club) and the International Energy Agency (the r...

What price oil?
5th July 2007 by

Crude oil prices are climbing again. $100/bbl is not impossible, if current geo-political concerns c...

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