Uncertainty builds around the world
26th March 2011 by

The blog has built great loyalty amongst its readers. 24% visit it twice a week. Recently, as during...

China has “60% risk of banking crisis by 2013”
19th March 2011 by

China’s housing market seems to be facing the threat of a major downturn. That is the only con...

US auto companies lack pricing power
7th March 2011 by

February’s data on US auto sales contained good news, and not such good news, for the chemical...

Chemical companies report strong Q4 results
5th March 2011 by

2010 was a remarkable year for chemical company profitability. Back in Q1, BASF’s J├╝rgen Hamb...

Super-fast computers lead financial markets under QE2
10th February 2011 by

Super-fast computers continue to increase their role in financial markets. They first came into prom...

China tightens lending: Saudi may pump more oil
25th January 2011 by

Recent days have seen some signs that the tectonic plates under current chemical and polymer markets...

The $600bn man
12th January 2011 by

In October 2008, the blog featured the US Treasury official responsible for running the $700bn TARP ...

Another view on rising oil prices
9th December 2010 by

Crude oil prices are now up 18% since the US Fed announced its QE2 Lifeboat policy at the end of Aug...

China forecasts 20% property price drop in 2011
24th November 2010 by

China’s government tends not to like surprises. Its usual tactic is therefore to talk about po...

UK house prices begin to slip
11th November 2010 by

The UK housing market has presented a confusing picture over the past 2 years. Unlike Spain, Ireland...

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