Futures markets, US shale, the big winners from OPEC meeting
7th December 2016 by

There were only two winners from the past 3 months of OPEC’s “Will they?, Won’t th...

3 key questions for the oil market poker game, ahead of OPEC’s meeting
18th November 2016 by

Volatility continues to dominate oil markets, as the above chart confirms.  Some weeks have seen pr...

ExxonMobil, Saudi Arabia, differ on oil outlook – or do they?
26th October 2016 by

If asked about the outlook for prices, oil company CEOs normally duck the question.  And they certa...

Oil markets enter the “post-fact economy”, where details of supply/demand no longer seem to matter
12th October 2016 by

Once upon a time, oil markets were based on facts.  Producers and consumers focused on trying to un...

Lack of affordability limits gasoline demand growth
29th July 2016 by

How much of your day’s wage does it cost you to buy a US gallon of gasoline?  This chart from...

Wrong assumptions on China growth and oil prices mean danger lies ahead for refiners and polymer producers
27th July 2016 by

It could be a very difficult H2 for anyone involved in the Asian oil and polymer markets.  And give...

Oil heads back to $30/bbl and probably lower
25th July 2016 by

There was never any fundamental reason why oil prices should have doubled between January and June t...

Oil price volatility highlights uncertainty ahead
29th June 2016 by

  The 3 month trend of Brent oil price volatility has reached its highest level since the 2008 ...

Oil market fundamentals continue to weaken as Glencore buys
23rd May 2016 by

Global oil traders are having lots of fun as oil market volatility ramps up.  Earlier this month, f...

Naimi finally allowed to retire, Saudi oil policy stays the same
8th May 2016 by

80-year olds are allowed to retire, even if they have to wait a year for final permission to be give...

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