Regional markets at price parity again
7th August 2007 by

An interesting thing has happened to benzene markets, which I haven’t seen noted elsewhere. Accord...

NINJA turtles ride again
2nd August 2007 by

The head of Germany’s financial regulator is warning that US subprime mortgage problems may be abo...

Oil prices and the euro
24th July 2007 by

The US dollar has been falling steadily in recent weeks. It is particularly weak against the euro, h...

2008 Budgets just became more difficult to finalise
17th July 2007 by

Central bankers are like generals. They seem to prefer fighting their last war, rather than preparin...

‘Its the price that matters’: Wal-Mart and Tesco signal a major change in consumer priorities
14th July 2007 by

Consumer attitudes have shifted sharply in recent weeks. This could have big implications for chemic...

What price oil?
5th July 2007 by

Crude oil prices are climbing again. $100/bbl is not impossible, if current geo-political concerns c...

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