New Normal seminar and e-book to be launched
9th April 2011 by

The blog has an incredibly loyal following around the world. 24% of its readers visit twice a week, ...

Another view on rising oil prices
9th December 2010 by

Crude oil prices are now up 18% since the US Fed announced its QE2 Lifeboat policy at the end of Aug...

Budgeting for Uncertainty
23rd October 2010 by

When elephants fight, those around them need to be cautious. And this is the prospect for 2011-13, a...

“Impatience can ruin a whole life”
8th September 2010 by

Anyone running a chemical company knows that the benefits of certain key decisions can take years to...

Questions to the chemical market genie
28th August 2010 by

With the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve saying the outlook is “unusually uncertain“,...

The “real bottom line” in the Financial Times
25th August 2010 by

The blog has had a letter published in the FT this morning, which readers might like to see. It focu...

Baby-Boomers cut spending, start saving
21st August 2010 by

Consumer spending is 70% of US GDP. And because US GDP is so large, this means the US consumer is 17...

Markets approach the “drawn-out fundamental downtrend” phase
8th May 2010 by

Sell in May and Go Away” is the oldest rule in stock market investment. This week has certainl...

Financial investors hike oil prices
24th March 2010 by

“Crude oil is (now) more than just a physical product“, according to NPRA Chairman Willi...

Top 10 posts in 2009
7th January 2010 by

Blog readers have a wide range of interests. That is clear from the list below of the Top 10 posts i...

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