The blog in 2009
28th December 2009 by

The blog is now 2.5 years old. Readership continues to grow, both within the chemical industry and i...

The impact of banking crises
28th December 2008 by

The blog has been searching the websites of the major central banks, such as the IMF, World Bank, Fe...

Is this a V, U, W, or L-shaped recession?
14th December 2008 by

There is now general agreement that we are in a global recession. The World Bank’s new ‘...

Hope for recovery, plan for downturn
30th November 2008 by

Surprisingly, our 7th European conference this week in Cologne (co-organised with ICIS), was one of ...

US equities and crude oil follow each other
18th November 2008 by

An interesting note from PetroMatrix highlights the close linkage that has now developed between cha...

LyondellBasell debt downgraded, INEOS seeks waivers
18th November 2008 by

Current market conditions are causing problems for everyone in the chemical industry. But as the blo...

The “crystal blog”
12th November 2008 by

The blog’s forecasting record is reviewed in ICIS Chemical Business this week. Click here if y...

G-20 tries to support growth
10th November 2008 by

The G-20 was created in 1999, after the financial crises that had hit emerging countries from 1997 o...

The blog’s first birthday
5th July 2008 by

Its now a year since the blog started. Since then, 213 postings have appeared. It is now read in 72 ...

Selling the rallies
21st January 2008 by

Stock markets are usually good indicators of future economic conditions. Their savage downturn since...

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