2008 crude outlook
18th January 2008 by

I had the opportunity last night to learn current thinking within the oil industry on the current ou...

Forecasting crude oil prices
18th January 2008 by

I have often wondered how the major investment banks arrive at their forecasts for long-term crude p...

USA adds $746bn to support housing
21st December 2007 by

Housing, as we know, is an absolutely key market for the chemical industry, both directly and indire...

CFO pessimism increases
11th December 2007 by

CFOs are paid to worry, but their worries seem to be increasing quite rapidly, according to the resu...

Buffett sells PetroChina
20th October 2007 by

I mentioned PetroChina in the very first blog entry, when the stock was trading at $155 in New York....

Interesting Quotes
6th August 2007 by

Normally a 275 point fall on Wall Street, and a 600 point fall in Hong Kong, would make for some hea...

Greed and Fear
25th July 2007 by

Bill Gross runs PIMCO, the world’s largest government bond managers with assets of nearly $700bn. ...

Stress-testing the global financial system
12th July 2007 by

Yesterday’s “swings in financial derivative prices were so extreme that they implied scenari...

Will the US housing slump impact chemicals?
11th July 2007 by

Housing and autos have always been key drivers for the US chemicals industry. We should be concerned...

Hedge fund woes and the chemical industry
3rd July 2007 by

The US Senate thinks the Amaranth hedge fund increased the costs of natural gas futures contracts la...

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