Inflation makes a comeback
29th October 2007 by

Oil prices last week rose to an all-time, inflation-adjusted, high in New York at over $92/bbl. Mean...

4 risks from the credit crisis
26th October 2007 by

The Bank of England correctly predicted in April this year that the risks associated with US subprim...

Private Equity and the credit crunch
24th October 2007 by

I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop organised by Pilko & Associates with leadin...

Budgeting for a downturn
22nd October 2007 by

The ‘consensus forecast’ for 2008 is very optimistic, as I commented in my post-EPCA note. It sa...

Buffett sells PetroChina
20th October 2007 by

I mentioned PetroChina in the very first blog entry, when the stock was trading at $155 in New York....

Policymakers turn more downbeat
18th October 2007 by

There has been a noted change of tone from leading policymakers in the past few days. Gone is the ja...

BP and Reliance
15th October 2007 by

BP and Reliance Industries are both powerhouses in their own fields. BP’s new CEO, Tony Hayward, h...

Pricing for profit
12th October 2007 by

The price of a product is a key factor in determining the profitability of producing and using it. A...

Shenhua shares double on IPO
10th October 2007 by

Coal-to-chemicals just took a further step towards becoming a major source of chemical production on...

US housing worsens
8th October 2007 by

Its now 3 months since we first saw the impact of the subprime crisis. At that time, the main impact...

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