Chemicals and the Economy

Ethane price hikes, China tariffs, hit US PE producers as global market weakens
23rd September 2018 by

Sadly, my July forecast that US-China tariffs could lead to a global polyethylene price war seems to...

Why everyone ignored my warnings ahead of the financial crisis
16th September 2018 by

It’s 10 years since my forecast of a global financial crisis came true, as Lehman Brothers col...

Financial crises and the five stages of loss
9th September 2018 by

The Financial Times has kindly printed my letter as their lead letter, arguing that the rise of the...

World Aromatics Conference focuses on sustainability, trade war and oil price challenges
5th September 2018 by

Our 17th World Aromatics and Derivatives conference takes place on 7/8 November in Amsterdam.  You ...

Political and economic risks rise as US mid-term elections near
2nd September 2018 by

This is the Labor Day weekend in the USA – the traditional start of the mid-term election camp...

Trump’s auto trade war adds to US demographic and debt headwinds
6th August 2018 by

President Trump’s auto trade tariffs are bad news for the US and global auto industry, as the ...

High-flying “story stocks” hit air pockets as credit finally tightens
29th July 2018 by

“Nobody could ever have seen this coming” is the normal comment after sudden share price...

London house prices slip as supply/demand balances change
22nd July 2018 by

London house prices are “falling at the fastest rate in almost a decade” according to m...

UK faces ‘make or break summer’ as ‘No Deal’ Brexit risk rises
15th July 2018 by

Last week, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, its chief Brexit negotiator and several junior minister...

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