EU GDP falls 2.5%, auto sales down 12%
16th May 2009 by

Continental Europe is now in its worst recession since World War 2. GDP fell 2.5% in Q1, following a...

GM bankruptcy threatens auto supply chain
27th April 2009 by

It seems highly likely that GM, the largest US car manufacturer, will enter Chapter 11 bankruptcy pr...

GM plans 2 month summer shutdown
23rd April 2009 by

The prospect of bankruptcy is finally sharpening the knife at GM. As the blog noted last month, inve...

US auto sales start to bottom
4th April 2009 by

The blog may be over-optimistic, but as with US house markets, it is hopeful that US auto market may...

Obama gets tough on US auto industry
30th March 2009 by

There had been speculation that President Obama’s mid-West background might tempt him to take ...

Auto suppliers face difficult time as bankruptcies rise
6th March 2009 by

The decline in auto sales is now threatening many industry suppliers around the world: • Today, th...

US auto sales remain depressed
5th March 2009 by

February brought no relief for the troubled US auto industry, so critical to chemical sales. Sales w...

European auto sales slide continues
9th February 2009 by

European auto sales fell 25% in January, according to JD Power. This equals an annualised rate of ju...

GM, Chrysler’s US sales collapse
4th February 2009 by

January’s US auto sales figures gave no hope that demand is yet bottoming out. Volumes were do...

Global chemical production down 4.4% in November
25th January 2009 by

Global chemical production is now falling at an alarming rate, down over 4% in November, as core dem...

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