INEOS announce €1bn inventory loss in Q4
25th January 2009 by

In early October, I forecast that we were about to revisit “the scariest moment of my 30 year ...

European auto sales to fall 16% in 2009
12th January 2009 by

European auto sales fell 8.4% in 2008, versus 2007. Sales of 13.56m autos were just ahead of the USA...

US auto sales at 1992 levels
6th January 2009 by

December was another bad month for US auto sales, with volumes down 36% versus 2007. Total 2008 sale...

The blog in 2008
3rd January 2009 by

The blog is now 18 months old. It has a truly global readership, and as shown in the above map, is n...

European auto industry shuts down
10th December 2008 by

Several European chemical companies have been undertaking surveys of likely near-term demand from th...

November US auto sales down 37%
3rd December 2008 by

US auto makers today told Congress their “rescue plan” now needs $34bn in support, whils...

Japan’s industrial output collapses as exports dive
30th November 2008 by

Japan has an ageing population. Since 1990, it has relied on exports to boost its economy. Yesterday...

Rolls Royce prices start to slide
4th November 2008 by

BMW, the world’s largest luxury car manufacturer and owner of Rolls Royce motors, today abando...

Budgeting for survival
19th October 2008 by

The blog prefers to be optimistic. But 30 years in the chemical industry has taught it to be extreme...

Auto markets face ‘outright collapse’ in 2009
9th October 2008 by

Collapsing housing markets are creating major problems for chemical companies worldwide. Now JD Powe...

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