H1 auto sales fall 2% in Top 7 markets, as BRIJ sales drop 15%
22nd July 2015 by

Hi data for auto sales in world’s top 7 markets is confirming my suggestion last October that ...

Yellen offers hostage to fortune on US growth
21st July 2015 by

Previous chairs of the US Federal Reserve had a poor record when it came to forecasting key events: ...

China’s auto prices tumble as sales fall 3% in June
14th July 2015 by

Its not a good time to be selling new cars in China.  As the chart shows: Sales fell 2% in Q2 (red ...

China’s new car market goes ex-growth as used car sales take off
2nd July 2015 by

My latest post for the Financial Times, published on the BeyondBrics blog is below |Jun 30 17:45...

London follows Paris with city-wide electric vehicles and car sharing
18th June 2015 by

Greek auto sales have been racing ahead in recent weeks.  They are up 16% so far this year, as peop...

China auto sales rise just 1% as New Normal slowdown bites
11th June 2015 by

The above chart was my Chart of the Year last December, under the title “China’s auto sa...

Average US auto loan term hits record 68 months in May
4th June 2015 by

May was “another fantastic month for US auto sales”.  Or, it took the industry “o...

Brazilian, Russian, Japanese auto markets continue to struggle
27th May 2015 by

Bill White’s important critique of the policies being followed by his former central bank coll...

India’s auto market remains dominated by motorbikes
26th May 2015 by

4 years ago, India could do no wrong.  The ‘Incredible India’ campaign had captured ima...

US auto sales close to running on empty
5th May 2015 by

We’ve all had that moment of jumping into the car, and turning on the ignition, only to realis...

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