Most economic forecasts are too optimistic
31st January 2009 by

Prof David Blanchflower, of the Bank of England, is not optimistic that the current recession will e...

The impact of banking crises
28th December 2008 by

The blog has been searching the websites of the major central banks, such as the IMF, World Bank, Fe...

Bank of England cuts to 3%, warns on deflation
6th November 2008 by

UK interest rates have just been cut by 1.5% to 3%. They were last at this level in 1955. The Bank o...

A fistful of dollars
3rd November 2008 by

The US Federal Reserve used just to manage monetary policy for the 12 ‘districts’ of the...

Europe, N America, China cut interest rates
8th October 2008 by

The blog welcomes the co-ordinated action by central banks, including the US Federal Reserve, Europe...

Bank of England warns on inflation
17th July 2008 by

Andrew Sentance of the Bank of England has issued a very clear analysis of current oil and commodity...

High inflation, or global downturn?
8th June 2008 by

Central bankers had it easy over the past decade. Now they are going to have to earn their money. In...

Central bankers recognise a ‘bubble’
18th May 2008 by

For years, former US Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said that it was impossible to recognise an ‘...

The graph the Bank of England didn’t publish
17th May 2008 by

Every 3 months, the Bank of England publishes its Inflation Report. This is packed with useful chart...

Interesting Quotes (4)
1st May 2008 by

Back in August, as the credit crisis began, I tried to capture the heart of the issues it raised in ...

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