Dow buys Rohm & Haas
11th July 2008 by

Dow’s potential interest in Rohm & Haas had been much rumoured since December, when it ann...

Shell, BASF, ACC warn on US downturn
7th April 2008 by

‘The sharp drop in housing starts and the developing credit crisis will flow into the cracker busi...

BASF – the oil and gas company
24th February 2008 by

BASF Chairman Jürgen Hambrecht sounded confident last week, following their annual results. 2007 sa...

‘Don’t panic’ say Dow, BASF
12th February 2008 by

Its not normally a good sign when chemical industry bosses feel the need to cheerlead on the outlook...

Dow, Basell, BASF, SABIC owed $5m in Plastech bankruptcy
5th February 2008 by

Chemical companies tend to trade on ‘open book’ terms with long-established customers. They are ...

Gazprom moves further into petchems
28th November 2007 by

Gazprom is becoming a player to watch in petchems. For decades, observers have speculated that Russi...

To cut, or not to cut?
9th September 2007 by

One of the benefits of writing this blog is that it provides the opportunity to research behind the ...

Rolling thunder and Penn Square Bank
14th August 2007 by

When I worked with ChemConnect in the halcyon days of the dot-com era in 1999-2000, we had a fantast...

A tale of two outlooks
20th July 2007 by

If you read the financial pages of your newspaper, everything sounds rosy. But if you turn to the ne...

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