The Downturn arrives
7th November 2011 by

It is 5 months since the blog launched its IeC Downturn Alert, using prices from 29 April. It wrote ...

EU’s plan to borrow from the poor boosts S&P 500
31st October 2011 by

The brave new world of modern finance continues to amaze the blog. It still has problems with the id...

US financial markets defy gravity
24th October 2011 by

Blog readers can choose their favourite leading indicator this week. In financial markets, the US S&...

Global oil bill now 5% of GDP
12th October 2011 by

The world has suffered a recession every time the oil price has reached current levels. And as the b...

Investment banks reportedly dominated oil trading in US futures markets as prices spiked in June 2008
25th August 2011 by

The investment banks have maintained a consistent focus on oil market supply disruptions and demand ...

Downturn continues as financial markets sink
22nd August 2011 by

ICIS pricing is a very valuable resource, particularly at market turning points. It highlighted the ...

Investment banks push oil prices higher
11th July 2011 by

The start of a new half-year usually provides an excuse for the investment banks to publish bullish ...

European refining margins ‘at 4 year low’
8th July 2008 by

European refining margins are falling, as the US’s need for gasoline imports reduces. Margins ...

2008 Budgets just became more difficult to finalise
17th July 2007 by

Central bankers are like generals. They seem to prefer fighting their last war, rather than preparin...

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