2016’s Word of the Year: “Impossible”
19th December 2016 by

Nobody likes change, particularly on the scale that is taking place all around us today.  Understan...

Political risk rises as voters feel only the populists are listening
7th October 2016 by

This week, the new UK premier, Theresa May, highlighted how the central banks have encouraged the po...

If “Brexit means Brexit”, what does Brexit mean?
2nd September 2016 by

The summer is over, and the UK government now has the job of deciding its objectives for the Brexit ...

UK’s Brexit vote may lead to end of schoolboy politics
4th July 2016 by

Until recently, the job description for UK (and most Western) politicians has been fairly simple ...

Brexit a disaster for the UK, Europe and the world
27th June 2016 by

First, the good news.  It has long been recognised that the UK economy is over-dependent on financi...

Brexit debate obscures key issues as assertions replace facts
3rd June 2016 by

The UK’s Brexit referendum is fast becoming a bitter battle for the Conservative Party leade...

US GDP Q1 forecast at just 0.1%; global chemical output slows
11th April 2016 by

“Confusion now hath made his masterpiece”.  This quotation from Shakespeare’s gre...

Brexit vote will hit UK, Eurozone and global economies
28th March 2016 by

Slowly, but surely, a UK vote to leave the European Union is becoming more likely.  In any referend...

Brexit poll creates UK, euro interest rate rise risk
26th February 2016 by

Financial markets are very bad at evaluating political risk.  They assume people will always be rat...

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