Chemicals and the Economy

Paul Hodges

“Its going to be scary”
10th June 2013 by

As the Financial Times wrote on Saturday: “Earlier this year, it all seemed so straightforward...

“Surplus oil is filling inventories worldwide” – Reuters
16th April 2013 by

Have you ever wondered, as you pay your energy bill or fill the fuel tank in your vehicle, just why ...

Volcker speaks out on central bank policies
13th April 2013 by

Central bankers clearly read too many super-hero comics when they were young. Ben Bernanke at the US...

Companies warn on Q2 earnings outlook
6th April 2013 by

Traders in Western financial markets are confident of 3 key facts about the economic outlook: • Th...

Oil markets have lost their price discovery role
13th November 2012 by

The US spent $6bn on its presidential and congressional elections this year. Apart from expressing t...

“Those whom the gods wish to destroy…”
10th September 2012 by

Writing over 2000 years ago, the ancient Greek dramatists had a phrase to describe what is happening...

A is for Ambiguity
26th May 2012 by

Today the blog ends its review of the VUCA world with A for Ambiguity. The global economy often seem...

Spain’s economy in “extreme difficulty”
7th April 2012 by

Some things are too ‘obvious’ for highly-paid professionals in the financial world to ac...

Low Western pensions will change demand patterns
24th September 2011 by

Next week, the blog publishes Chapter 5 of its ‘Boom, Gloom and the New Normal’ eBook, c...

US interest rates turn negative
20th November 2009 by

The irresponsibility of some parts of the global banking system continues to upset the blog. First, ...

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