Interest rate and US$ surge mark start of the Great Reckoning
21st November 2016 by

The bond market vigilantes are back.  And they clearly don’t like what they are seeing.  Tha...

S&P 500 volatility close to 43-year lows as uncertainty rises
2nd November 2016 by

Something very strange is happening in US stock markets, as the above chart highlights:   It sho...

Budgeting for the Great Reckoning
31st October 2016 by

One thing is certain about the 2017 – 2019 Budget period.  “Business as usual” is...

Fault-lines open connecting the debt-fuelled ‘Ring of Fire’
24th October 2016 by

Next week, I will publish my annual Budget Outlook, covering the 2017-2019 period. The aim, as alway...

Markets doubt Carney’s claim to have saved 500k UK jobs
17th October 2016 by

Last week as the BBC reported, Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, explained to an audience in ...

Oil markets enter the “post-fact economy”, where details of supply/demand no longer seem to matter
12th October 2016 by

Once upon a time, oil markets were based on facts.  Producers and consumers focused on trying to un...

Central banks defy slowing global economy by destroying markets’ power of price discovery
3rd October 2016 by

Markets have one main function in life – price discovery.  If I want to buy, and you want to ...

Central bankers create debt, not growth, by ignoring demographic reality
26th September 2016 by

The world’s 4 main central bankers love being in the media spotlight.  After decades climbing...

6 impossible things not to believe about oil before breakfast
12th September 2016 by

 “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Oil...

Investors panic in “search for yield” as interest rates go negative
7th September 2016 by

Its been a great few months for financial markets.  All the major markets have seen gains, as the ...

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