Chemicals and the Economy

Chemicals, the “flea on the tail of the currency/interest rate dog”
25th April 2016 by

Markets are becoming increasingly chaotic, as the world’s major central banks each try to deva...

Global GDP saw record fall in 2015 – new IMF data
20th April 2016 by

New data from the International Monetary Fund confirms that last year’s collapse in global GDP...

Oil market rally under threat as Doha meeting fails to agree
18th April 2016 by

Yesterday’s failure of the Doha oil producers meeting will hopefully reintroduce a note of san...

US Federal Reserve aims to devalue the dollar, again
8th April 2016 by

What we “assume” can make an “ass of u and me“, as the proverb says.  And t...

Reality battles illusion in world financial markets
4th April 2016 by

“Buy on the rumour, sell on the news” is one of the most reliable definitions for a weak...

Central banks cannot control economic fortune of 7.3bn people
25th March 2016 by

Trillions of dollars have been spent on stimulus by central banks in the developed world since the f...

Oil market speculators profit as central banks hand out free cash
21st March 2016 by

Oil markets are entering a very dangerous phase.  Already, many US energy companies have gone bankr...

If only the central banks could print babies
19th February 2016 by

The Financial Times has kindly printed my letter below, arguing that central bank stimulus can’...

Expect $25 – $30/bbl oil and lower chemical prices in 2016
11th January 2016 by

More than $2.3tn was wiped off the value of global stocks last week as China’s slowing economy and...

ECB President has New York temper tantrum as Board blocks major new stimulus
7th December 2015 by

“There is no doubt that if we had to intensify the use of our instruments to ensure we achieve our...

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