US economy’s demographic dividend is fast turning into a deficit
8th May 2015 by

My new post for the Financial Times FT Data blog discusses how the ageing of the US population is cr...

Ageing UK households’ impact on growth
30th January 2015 by

My new post for the Financial Times FT Data blog highlights how household spending is very dependent...

Ageing consumers from Chile to China need affordable, quality goods and services
25th September 2014 by

The New Old 55+ generation is the key demographic for future consumer spending.  Their numbers are ...

China Transformation webinar tomorrow
8th September 2014 by

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival day in China, held to celebrate the harvest.  Traditionally it feature...

US, Japan consumer spend falls, deflation threatens Eurozone
1st September 2014 by

We are now two-thirds of the way through 2014, and critical decisions are looming for companies and ...

Oil consumption growth has slowed as prices have stayed high
16th July 2014 by

As promised yesterday, the blog looks today at the impact of today’s high prices on oil consu...

“None so blind, as those that will not see?”
2nd June 2014 by

Every now and then, the blog scratches its head and wonders, “what would it take to convince ...

Consumer demand patterns change as Boomers return to cities
9th May 2014 by

The ageing BabyBoomers are now leaving the suburbs in large numbers, and moving back to the cities, ...

“US population is aging: older people tend to consume and spend less”
15th April 2014 by

Its not just the UK that is seeing an earthquake taking place in consumer demand patterns, as the bl...

A New Year resolution
1st January 2014 by

Do you recognise any of these women?  Pictured in an excellent Financial Times article they are (l...

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