Benzene supply/demand begins to change
8th December 2010 by

Benzene is the blog’s favourite leading indicator for chemical demand, due to its widespread u...

Western consumers cut back spending
18th November 2010 by

All is clearly not well with the Western consumer. The stimulus programmes have not given them renew...

US sales slip as inventories rise
2nd November 2010 by

The US is 25% of the global economy, and its performance matters enormously to the chemical industry...

China’s rural areas key for future chemical demand
28th October 2010 by

In the last of its Budget Outlook analysis, the blog today looks at the major changes underway in Ch...

European consumers focus on people, not things
27th October 2010 by

As promised, the blog is today looking at a key European consumer trend, as part of its Budget Outlo...

Western retailers rely on luxury or budget sales
15th June 2010 by

Consumer spending, particularly in the developed economies, is critical to the chemical industry. An...

US consumers enter the ‘new normal’
10th April 2010 by

The US consumer accounts for 16% of total global GDP, with a value of $10trn. By comparison, total A...

EU consumers worry about the economic outlook
28th January 2010 by

European consumers remain very wary about the future. The slide above, from the monthly CEFIC report...

US faces a jobless “recovery”
7th September 2009 by

Today is Labor Day holiday in the USA. But sadly, the latest news on jobs remains deeply worrying. A...

US and EU dominate global consumption
14th August 2009 by

Interesting new research from Prof Nouriel Roubini provides some perspective on relative levels of c...

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