China’s credit cuts will send seismic tremors around the world
16th April 2014 by

Monday’s Interesting Quotes post highlighted how China’s leadership clearly recognise ...

Oil prices vulnerable to China property market fall
9th April 2014 by

Oil futures markets are a wonderful thing, in theory.  They are supposed to enable price discovery,...

Cement Shen’s $563m ‘Peach Blossom Palace’ bankruptcy
3rd April 2014 by

The sight above may become more familiar as China’s new leadership seek to burst the property ...

Demographics drive demand and fertility rates have fallen
25th March 2014 by

A major debate is underway in Eurozone financial markets about the imminent approach of deflation. ...

China’s lending problems begin to worry wider world – too late
19th March 2014 by

Suddenly, people are starting to talk about China and the risks it creates for the global economy....

UK tinkers with higher pension ages, ignores impact on GDP
5th March 2014 by

Many readers have asked to see how the UK economy is being impacted by its ageing population, follow...

China’s urban consumers depend on property ‘wealth effect’
20th February 2014 by

One of the great myths of modern times is that China is now full of middle class people with Western...

China’s lending bubble could now lead to zero GDP growth
18th February 2014 by

China has been primarily responsible for driving global growth since the Crisis began in 2008.  Aut...

And now the stumble?
3rd February 2014 by

Last week the US Federal Reserve announced the second move in its so-called tapering process, and r...

Deflation gets closer in Europe, USA and China
10th January 2014 by

Demographics drives demand.  If it doesn’t, then its hard to think what does.  So forecastin...

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